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MasterSeal Traffic 2257

Fast-track, skid-resistant car park deck coating system ​Car park surfaces have to meet many demands, from protecting the substrate to providing a safe, attractive surface for vehicular and foot traffic. MasterSeal Traffic 2257 is a fast-track, moderate crack-bridging, UV-resistant car park deck coating system that answers all of these needs. It brings the added benefit of fast installation of an aesthetic surface – important when a short downtime is required. Where to use MasterSeal Traffic 2257? Designed for parking areas with medium or heavy loads, MasterSeal Traffic 2257 is particularly suitable for parking bays and walkways, thanks to a choice of colours for demarcation of different zones. It also offers protection for parking areas where freeze-thaw resistance is critical. What makes MasterSeal Traffic 2257 different? MasterSeal Traffic 2257 is an economical, homogeneous built-up system with a wide field of application and a long track record. This colour-stable system has a slip- and wear-resistant surface that can withstand road grit, de-icing salts, fuels, oil, diesel and biodiesel. It combines high performance with a very low weight by square metre, keeping deadload to a minimum. MasterSeal Traffic 2257 is a fully certified solution according to EN 1504 part 2, ensuring consistent performance.​

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MasterSeal Traffic 2205

Exposed, crack-bridging, skid-resistant car park deck waterproofing system Today’s car park users are discerning, so how can you meet their expectations in the most vulnerable areas of your car park structure, while preserving its longevity? It starts with the surface. What is MasterSeal Traffic 2205 used for? Our fast-curing, spray-applied MasterSeal Traffic 2205 car park waterproofing solution provides a safe, protective finish for exposed decks and ramps, thanks to enhanced crack-bridging properties offering long-lasting protection from water, deicing salts, fuel leakages and more. It also provides a safe and reliable solution for intermediate decks above important facilities such as offices, shops and storerooms. What are the advantages of MasterSeal Traffic 2205? Car parks are a demanding environment, and exterior areas need to meet extremely challenging conditions. Safe and long-lasting MasterSeal Traffic 2205 gives: ​Protection against the elements Maximum crack-bridging capability Quick return to service due to speed of curing Easy negotiation of complicated details during application A continuous, elastic surface with no welds or seams Excellent resistance to wear, skidding, UV light and weather Withstands aggressive substances Attractive appearance – low dirt retention, easy to clean and maintain ​Choice of colours to suit branding and zone demarcation Complete protection With MasterSeal Traffic 2205, you have the added reassurance of a BBA-certified system, tested and independently verified for product performance. This system is fully certified according to EN 1504 part 2, ensuring consistent performance. What are the components of the MasterSeal Traffic 2205 system? The system consists of several layers, including: ​​A substrate primer A spray-applied waterproofing membrane made of an elastomeric polyurethane/polyurea hybrid Tough, hard-wearing polyurethane wear coat ​A choice of topcoats.

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MasterSeal Traffic 2260

Economical car park coating for intermediate decks with medium-to-heavy loads While intermediate car park decks don’t have to withstand the elements in the same way as external decks, they still need to be durable and skid- and slip-resistant. MasterSeal Traffic 2260 is an economical, non-crack bridging car park deck coating system designed for internal parking areas that provides a hard-wearing, tried-and-tested solution for medium to heavy loads. Where to use MasterSeal Traffic 2260? MasterSeal Traffic 2260 is ideal for intermediate decks and ramps where a non-crack bridging system with an aesthetic surface is required. Uses including parking bays and walkways, thanks to a range of colours that assists demarcation. What makes MasterSeal Traffic 2260 different? MasterSeal Traffic 2260 has an established track record, an economical system build-up and a wide field of application. MasterSeal Traffic 2260’s low weight per square metre means that high performance is achieved with minimal deadload. The system’s homogenous slip-resistant and highly wear-resistant surface is freeze-thaw resistant. It can withstand road grit, de-icing salts and fuel leaks, including oil diesel and biodiesel, as well as alkaline cleaners, making it an economical and hard-wearing choice.

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MasterSeal Traffic 2262

An exceptionally hard-wearing, crack-bridging, skid-resistant, car park deck system for ramps and spiral ramps In car park structures, some areas take more punishment than others. Heavily used, sloped areas such as ramps and spiral ramps need to be both durable and slip-resistant, without detracting from the structure’s aesthetics. MasterSeal Traffic 2262 is a resilient, polyurethane car park deck system designed for such areas: a tough, scratch-resistant and watertight floor finish suitable for substrates undergoing vibration and dynamic forces. Where to use MasterSeal Traffic 2262? This deck system is designed for use on car park ramps and spiral ramps, and in loading bays needing a heavy impact-resistant, hard-wearing system. The level of slip resistance it provides can be adjusted to match different service conditions and cleaning requirements. What makes MasterSeal Traffic 2262 different? This system is based on advanced polymeric materials that give the treated deck exceptional wear resistance. It combines an attractive appearance and a wide colour range with numerous practical benefits: ​Low dirt pick-up and tyre-mark retention Excellent slip resistance Flexibility for better impact resistance and hairline crack coverage Monolithic bond and high vapour permeability minimise the of blistering Impervious and seamless for easy cleaning and maintenance Resistant to fuels, battery acid, de-icing salts and alkaline cleaners​

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MasterSeal Traffic 2266

Crack-bridging car park deck coating for exposed decks MasterSeal Traffic 2266 is a crack-bridging car park deck coating system with a combined waterproofing layer and wearcoat. It meets the dynamic requirements placed on intermediate parking decks through combined elastic and wear-resistant properties. Where to use MasterSeal Traffic 2266? This system's waterproofing performance makes it suitable for exposed decks and ramps, where its enhanced crack-bridging properties give complete protection from water, de-icing salts and other potentially damaging contaminants. It can also be applied to intermediate decks over facilities such as offices, salesrooms, and storerooms. What makes MasterSeal Traffic 2266 different? MasterSeal Traffic 2266 has a homogeneous, anti-slip and wear-resistant surface. It has a long track record for performance and a low deadload, withstanding the dynamic loads of vehicular traffic and chemical aggression from de-icing salts, fuels, battery acids and hydraulic oils. Colour stability and freeze-thaw resistance contribute further to its durability in external areas. It is fully certified in accordance with EN 1504 part 2 for consistency in performance, with dynamic crack bridging meeting EN 1504-02 class 3.2 requirements, and DIN V 18026.

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