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Wooster 18 in. Big Ben Roller Frame

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Wooster Big Ben Roller Frame is sturdy and made of rust-free, easy-to-clean polypropylene. The legs that hold the 18 in. roller covers snap in and out quickly and easily - no tools required. This high production roller frame must attach to a threaded pole or can clip to Wooster Sherlock GT poles.. Endcaps are required for the 18 in. roller covers.
  • Removeable legs fit into endcaps on 18 in. roller covers

  • Great for use on large areas in less time, especially floors and walls

  • Threaded base for attachment to all extension poles

  • Easy clip-on/clip-off compatibility with the Wooster Sherlock GT poles

  • Roller covers require endcaps to function on this roller frame

  • No loose hardware for quick installation and removal



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