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Tremco Vulkem 950NF Top Coat

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Color: Slate Gray

Vulkem 950NF Top Coat is a two-component polyurethane that is applied after the Vulkem 350NF base coat has cured. Interlaminary adhesion to Vulkem 350NF is exceedingly strong. The top coat affords excellent abrasion resistance and chemical resistance to complete this Vulkem Traffic Deck Coating System.


  • Vulkem 350NF:
    • 5-gal (18.9-L) pails,
    • 55-gal (208.2-L) drums.

  • Vulkem 950NF: Total of 4.2-gal kit -
    • Part A 3.25-gal (12.3 L) in a 5-gal (18.9-L) pail,
    • Part B 0.95 gal (3.6 L) in a 1-gal pail.

  • Vulkem 951NF: Total of 4.6-gal kit –
    • Part A 3.75-gal (14.2 L) in a 5-gal (18.9-L) pail,
    • Part B 0.85 gal (3.2 L) in a 1-gal pail

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