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Zachary Brush (Royal Slim & Royal Trim)

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$6.49 - $12.99
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Size: C : SLIM 2.5"

Zachary Brush
Royal Slim & Royal Trim

  • Angular detail Paint Brush is perfect for edge and corner cutting-in & trimming, Flat Brush is for large space painting.
  • One suit can meet all of your needs.
  • These professional stain brushes are great for both interior and exterior painting jobs or cleaning works.
  • Perfect shaped rubber grip handle surface is very soft & smooth for comfortable holding.
  • High quality solid round tapered nylon filaments are durable & long-lasting with amazing paints pick-up.
  • Bristles are adhesived firmly by epoxy in the ferrules that no bristles lose off.
  • Brush heads was nailed onto the handle sturdily.
  • With our brush painting, you could create a prefect finish.


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