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VC 300-17 X High-suction construction vacuum

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VC 300-17 X High-suction construction vacuum


Universal, powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner with 300 CFM suction to comply with OSHA dust standards

  • Water capacity:  13 gallon (US)
  • Container capacity:  17 gallon (US)
  • Dust capacity:  159 lb.


  • Two turbines and power filter cleaning technology for consistent, extremely high suction performance
  • Transport handle, sturdy trolley and large wheels allow optimum site mobility
  • Tank designed to make slurry and dust removal easy
  • Water level sensors and floats help protect the turbine from flooding
  • 300 CFM suction level to comply with all OSHA silica dust standards
  • Removing slurry produced by wet coring and sawing
  • Removing dust produced by drilling, slitting, grinding, cutting and dry coring
  • Cleaning wet and dry

Technical Data

🔸 Power source
🔹 Application Wet and dry, Cleaning
🔸 Dust class n/a
🔹 Dust capacity 159 lb.
🔸 Container capacity 17 gallon (US)
🔹 Water capacity 13 gallon (US)
🔸 Dimensions (LxWxH) 22.8 x 19.2 x 34.7 in



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