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Sikafloor® Terrazzo two-component , solid colour, low VOC, low odour, self priming, thin set epoxy resin

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Sikafloor® Terrazzo is a two-component , solid colour, low VOC, low odour, self priming, thin set epoxy resin binder available in an unlimited colour selection. Vibrant epoxy matrix colours can be combined in varying percentages with fine and or coarse mineral aggregates (marble or granite), coloured or recycled glass, mirror particles, plastic chips and non-corrosive metal fragments to produce limitless custom design options.

Sikafloor® Terrazzo is an extremely durable seamless finish that has excellent resistance to abrasion and common chemicals. The finished surface can be top-coated with Sikafloor® Duochem-305, a one-part visually enhancing acrylic glaze coat/sealer, or Sikafloor® Duochem-942 or Sikafloor®-315 N two-part polyurethane coatings for improved chemical

Where to Use
  • Sikafloor® Terrazzo is the ideal choice to provide extreme durability and easy of maintenance in heavy traffic commercial and institutional areas such as hospitals, pharmaceutical research centers, schools, banks, building lobbies, shopping centers, grocery stores, airport terminals, train stations, convention centers and casinos.


  • 20.15 L (5.3 US gal.) unit


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