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Sikafloor®-33 N PurCem® state-of-the-art, fine textured, high-build coating with a matte finish, based upon pthalatefree

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Sikafloor®-33 NA PurCem® is state-of-the-art, fine textured, high-build coating with a matte finish, based upon pthalatefree, water- dispersed polyurethane/cement and aggregate technology.
It is designed as a standalone coating for concrete and as a top coat for Sikafloor® NA PurCem® systems. It is new technology that significantly improves colour fastness, virtually eliminating the yellowing commonly associated with light coloured, conventional PUC products.
It also provides a higher performing sealed surface with excellent chemical-, very good abrasion, and enhanced mechanical resistance.
Sikafloor®-33 NA PurCem® represents superior polyurethane/cement technology, combining easier application, resistance to blistering and improved performance.



  • 6.09 kg (4.54 L) unit / 13 lb (1.2 US gal.) unit.
  • Consists of 3 Components: A + B + C


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