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Sikafloor®-261 CA Thixo Lite two-component, solid colour, high solids, silicone-free, moderate thixotropic viscosity, glossy epoxy resin

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Sikafloor®-261 Thixo Lite is a two-component, solid color, high solids, silicone-free, moderate thixotropic viscosity, glossy epoxy resin available in an unlimited color range.
Typically installed as a seamless, high build, fine orange peel-textured coating for light to medium duty traffic areas.
This general service epoxy coating demonstrates good mechanical and chemical resistance.
Final surface appearance options include: unlimited color selection, integral cove base, gloss, satin or matte surface sheen.
Sikafloor®-261 Thixo Lite is also used as a top coat for high performance Sikafloor® Morritex Systems.

  ✔️  Moderate mechanical and chemical resistance.

  ✔️  Aesthetic textured finish.

  ✔️  Hides surface imperfections.


  • 30 L (7.9 US gal.) unit
  • (Sikafloor®-261 CA Thixo Lite Coating consists of a special component B)


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