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Sikafloor®-217 is a 100 % solids, low VOC, low odour, water clear, high gloss epoxy resin used to create premium quality high

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Sikafloor®-217 is a 100 % solids, low VOC, low odour, water clear, high gloss epoxy resin used to create premium quality high build coatings, broadcast or trowel-applied surfacing systems such as Sikafloor® Quartzite®, DecoFlake® and Metallic FX®. Sikafloor®-217 formulation contains state of the art raw materials and additives blended to create an aesthetic, clear epoxy that has the highest possible resistance to ultra violet light colour change over time.


Where to Use

Sikafloor®-217 provides an additional measure of long term colour stability in traditional interior seamless flooring installations that include:

  • ƒLaboratories, life sciences, pharmaceutical industries and health care industry.
  • ƒ Education (e.g. schools and universities).
  • ƒ Leisure & culture (e.g. museums, stadiums).
  • ƒ Retail spaces (grocery, department and retail stores).
  • ƒ Bank, offices and government buildings.
  • ƒ Animal shelters and veterinary clinics.
  • ƒ Bathroom and shower areas.


  • 10 L (2.64 US gal.) Unit
  • Component A: 6.67 L (1.76 US gal.) Resin
  • Component B: 3.33 L (0.88 US gal.) Hardener
  • 30 L (7.92 US gal.) Unit
  • Component A: 20 L (5.28 US gal.) Resin
  • Component B: 10 L (2.64 US gal.) Hardener


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