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Sika® Duochem-8107 two-component, high-solids containing, epoxy gel

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Sika® Duochem-8107 is a two-component, high-solids containing, epoxy gel.
It is suitable for use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, owing to its highly thixotropic consistency, and it cures to achieve a strong bond and high strength.
Sika® Duochem-8107 is versatile in its uses, including application as an adhesive, a crack filler and a vertical resurfacer.

Where to Use

  • Use to bond to concrete, steel, wood and tiles.
  • An excellent non-shrinking permanent crack or static-joint filler for concrete, wood and steel.
  • A ‘pick-proof’ sealant for custodial suites and holding cells. 
  • Use to resurface horizontal and vertical concrete prior to applying Sikafloor® or Sikagard® resin systems.


  • 3 L (0.8 US gal.) unit

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