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MAPEFLOOR I 302 SL (2.6 GAL) Multipurpose, Epoxy Resin for Industrial Flooring

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Color: RAL 1001

Two-Component, Multipurpose, Epoxy Resin for Industrial Flooring

✔️ Mapefloor I 302 SL is a two-component, epoxy resin for industrial flooring, suitable for both self-smoothing and textured coatings, as well as for multilayer broadcast systems and seal coats for epoxy mortar screeds. 

✔️ Mapefloor I 302 SL offers excellent chemical and abrasion resistance in both wet and dry processing areas, which makes it particularly suitable for the food and beverage industry, shopping centers and industrial warehouses. 

✔️ Mapefloor I 302 SL creates surfaces that are flat and seamless, with a highly attractive finish.



  • Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Used for both self-leveling and multi-layer applications
  • Can provide smooth as well as non-slip surfaces
  • Can be applied on walls
  • Environmentally friendly, nonylphenol-free, suitable for the food and beverage industry
  • Versatile; may be applied in various layers for seamless flat surfaces
  • Highly attractive finish
  • Mapefloor I 302 SL is a pre-tinted product that is available in 12 standard colors or in any number of colors upon request.
  • For a surface with an orange-peel texture, MAPEI’s Additix PE thixotropic agent can be added.


  • Mapefloor I 302 SL unit       2.64 U.S. gals. (10 L)
  • Part A (pre-tinted)                1.93 U.S. gals. (7,3 L)
  • Part B                                     0.71 U.S. gal. (2,7 L)


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