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Size - Color: TAPE BLUE-60mm x 55M a


  • The red tape and blue tape have the same properties as the original Tuck Tape can be easily torn by hand. House Sheathing tape designed and engineered for sealing of joints and permanent seaming of sheathing materials.

  • Super Adhesive & Very Sticky: Provides strong, permanent holding power for sealing, protective benefits, ease of handling, and eliminates drafts around window and door openings. Always test the area before using this red tape easy tear since it will leave residue and it will be difficult to remove.

  • UV & High-Temperature Resistant Tape: A strong and permanent adhesive that bonds to plastic, metal, and smooth surfaces. UV resistant and provides aggressive bonding at hot and cold temperatures. Designed for Cold Canadian Weather & Hot high humid weather.

  • Permanent bond: Application varies from foam insulation, house wrap sheathing tape, patches temporary garage tents, shelters, tarps, camping equipment, epoxy tables, foam board tape, homesealr foam joint tape, jointsealr foam joint tape, and many more.

  • Epoxy Release Tape: This premium resin epoxy tape doesn’t stick to 2 part epoxy resin projects and excellent for epoxy mold release. It is capable of withstanding the high heat while pouring and creating epoxy woodworking tables. It works great for encapsulating the epoxy resin within your mold and provide easiness when de-molding.

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