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DAP 100% SILICONE WIN/DR WHT 300ml (73461) a

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DAP 100% SILICONE WIN/DR White 300ml (73461) a



  • 100% acrylic latex, Spans up to 2" wide with no slump, Powerful adhesion - won't tear or pull away, Water-based, Exterior and interior use, Superior adhesion to vinyl, Package stable through 10 freeze-thaw cycles, Superb paintability - no gloss, Environmentally safe ADHERES TO:, Metal, plastics and woods
  • Other surfaces: alkyd paint, anodized windows (a process aluminum goes through), asphalt, blue board (styrofoam), brick, ceramic tile (glazed), cloth, canvas, corian 1, concrete, formica, glass, hot melt butyl (insulating glass sealants), mortar, polystyrene, stucco
  • Will soften polystyrene surfaces
  • WILL NOT ADHERE TO: Polypropylene, silicone, underwater applications, waxes, kynar, polyethylene


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